Yessica Jain

I am a junior at one of the nation's top ten high schools (with a 16% acceptance rate). Over the years, I have explored and excelled in various fields through clubs and extracurriculars. Leadership positions developed self-discipline and time management skills and projects, and competitions enhanced my problem-solving skills and creativity. As a sixteen-year-old trying to find her place in the world, I have been turning my focus to three primary interests (below) that I truly want to delve into.




Business and politics have always interested me because they are both, in my opinion, a reflection of the way people think. To me, economics is the intersection between these fields, a way to understand the impact of political decisions on sellers and buyers as well as effects of corporate players on the political world. Clearly, I lean toward macroeconomics. During my free time, you can often find me reading articles or watching videos about politics and economics (Khan Academy is very helpful). I enjoyed attending the Economics for Leaders program by the Foundation for Teaching Economics this summer.

While any good book can make me set everything aside, my favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction. An avid reader, I have always been in love with the magic of words. When I started creative writing in sixth grade, I quickly discovered I could wield the same magic. All it took was passion, hard work, and time. Since then, I have written short stories in various genres and a fantasy novel titled "The Prison of Magic." My early years of writing were spent clueless about some important aspects of writing (tropes, foreshadowing, etc.). I started my blog to help new writers learn about these topics.

I am a part of the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology at my high school, where I get the opportunity to delve into textbook and laboratory chemistry. My interest in science began with my obsession with astronomy and continued in my time as the captain of my middle school math team. I currently research the impact of ionic liquids on perovskite solar cell stability through my school's advanced research facilities, a project for which I received the New York Institute of Technology Mini Research Grant Award. I am also a member of my school's Science Olympiad Team.