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YA Epic Fantasy Novel

Five centuries have passed since a war led to the imprisonment of magic. By now, most of the world has moved on and forgotten magic ever existed.

But when Lyra—a poor orphan recovering from her brother’s death—uncovers this long-hidden tool, she sees the many opportunities its release could bring.

Jaxon, on the other hand, was raised in nobility and fears the release of magic will ruin his wealth and take away his status.

Their clash results in a war that has the power to change the course of the world, but Lyra and Jaxon worry only for themselves.


They are prepared to battle each other to protect what they value most, but the harder battles are those against their own morals and history.  Those they rely on for support turn out to be unreliable, and those they deem untrustworthy claim to be on their side.

Are they willing to pay what they must in order to survive this war?

Marble Surface

Every school year begins with the same two questions: how was summer vacation and what will you be when you grow up? 

-Separate Days


A narrative poem about the choices we are forced to make and whether we really have to make them.

You can read or watch it!

Spooky Forest

We found the vague style and sinister atmosphere very compelling. The piece stands in the eerie image of Ray Bradbury and Roald Dahl.

-Paper Crane Journal,

Original place of publication


Can you reverse the past by challenging the devil? She seems to think so.

Five heirs should have been enough. It had been that way since the kingdom first formed.

-The Perfect King

A World of Stories Covers (1).png

An anonymous Councilperson investigates the sudden death of all the kingdom's top leaders and comes to a horrifying conclusion. Originally published by Juven Press.

Kyla could never betray Clark as he had betrayed her.

-The Assassin's Alliance


Kyla's entire world changes when she discovers her boyfriend is a murderer... an assassin. Her life can never return to normal. Does she want it to?

I shivered from the consequences of my decision before I even made it.

-The Choice


She's been on the Council for only a month. And now the future of the village is in her hands.

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